The Little Ones (Pikkuiset)

A new touching and touchable teaching and discovery material for professional use. The dolls representing eight different pregnancy weeks assure with their authenticity. The appearance, size and weight of the dolls imitate real fetuses. The feel of their skin is soft and pleasant like human skin.

Dolls from pregnancy weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12 in the velvet box

Dolls in the display box from the pregnancy weeks 14, 17, 24 and 28

Contents of the package

Dolls representing pregnancy weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12 come in a small velvet box, and the dolls representing pregnancy weeks 14, 17, 24 and 28 in a bigger, padded box. Both types of boxes have a short explanation of the developmental stage of the weeks the dolls represent. In the bigger box there are also educational cards about fetal developmental. The bigger box has a handle for easy transport and space for the smaller box.

What can the dolls be used for?

The dolls can be used in health promotion and education by medical doctors and nurses working in gynecology and pediatrics, in health centers, especially in those dealing with pregnant women, young couples and expecting families, schools, day care centers, church activities for families and children, in psychotherapy and in social work, especially when dealing with unexpected pregnancies.

The dolls help in discussions about family and pregnancy with children and young people, when teaching biology, in health education, teaching ethics, in sexual education, for understanding contraception, to understand and support pregnancy, for maternity training, education about the effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs on the fetus and child, and crisis therapy after spontaneous abortions.

Purchase of the Little Ones -Dolls

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